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Can Tom Thibodeau be patient enough to rebuild?

Tom Thibodeau has been known to be a coach that likes a veteran, win now team. The current Knicks roster is the exact opposite! With no player over 29 years old and most players under 26, this team needs time to build, develop, and grow. Is Thibs that guy?

I say yes. He's a work horse type of guy. His focus is on practice, structure, teamwork and playing to win. "Playing to win? But Sim, that's not patience!" To that I say "Nonsense!" The best way to develop young players is to play to win, and this doesn't mean you will win. It means the preparation, discipline and focus you practice to try and win is exactly what these young guys need. Thibs epitomizes these aspects of basketball.

One of my viewers on YouTube said " I didn't want Thibs, but he's the coach we need." I concur.

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