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For the Cognizant Knicks fan.

Before we get into this column, I'd like to first thank Simeon Russell for allowing aspiring writers to express their undying love for the New York Knicks. On his podcast, NOTHINBUTKNICKS, he allows fans from all decades since 1946 to come to his platform and speak their truths and opinions about our beloved team. Right, wrong or indifferent, a high level of pride exists for every sports fan in New York City. For the first time in history, the fan can be heard. The barbershop and Bodega conversations have manifested themselves in the virtual world. While we Knick fans may be trapped in the five-borough echo chamber, the rest of the world finally has an opportunity to understand why NYC has held its title as The Mecca of Basketball for 74 years.

My columns are for the emotional Knick fan ready to jump off the George Washington Bridge. The fan who hesitates to take the Rock away ferry from the lower east side to Atlantic Avenue to cheer for the migrated New Jersey basketball team. I'm here to talk you off the ledge by pointing out the positive attributes of this beloved organization and establishing what will eventually become the groundwork for a future basketball dynasty ( we could only wish for this). In the 90s, every year, we prayed for a 3rd championship. Then we prayed for playoff runs. Now we hope for basketball competence. If you choose to engage with me, I will show you there is a light at the end of that subway tunnel on 34th street. You have to open your eyes and walk up the stairs.

While the rest of the NBA teams were competing in the Bubble due to COVID-19 changes, the Knicks returned to their regularly scheduled programming of offseason thumb-twiddling. We were in the belly of the pandemic beast speculating for the last nine months about this team. A new regime is upon us, leaving the abysmal 2019-20 season behind. I believed winning just one more game than the 2018-19 season is showing progress. But most don't see it that way. If we had a 20 win increase from the 2017-18 season, fans would still consider our team as trash. Many fans expected a competitive team with nine new players on the roster and were somehow willing to overlook the lack of basketball continuity. Especially since the longest-tenured player was and still is the young French point guard Frank Ntlikina.

The 2020 offseason seems to be all about assembling the right tools for the job. While we think the players wheeling and dealing are the primary reason for NBA success, what happens behind the scenes is just as critical to a winning team. We've hired a new President in Leon Rose, who has hired and brand new coaching staff, scouting staff, and front office. A few people remain, but two friendly faces have returned, Head Coach Tom Thibadeau and Assistant Coach Mike Woodson.

Our offseason has been extremely speculative. Almost as if the Knicks brass is either purposely keeping quiet and allowing the media to run amuck or deliberately leaking out player acquisitions that will never happen. Either way, It's kept every Knicks Analyst from ESPN down to Knicks Morning Coffee (another Knicks Based Podcast ) on their toes. Regardless, Knick fans have remained thoroughly engaged with Garden content since March. Our city has been plagued with a virus and the NBA rumor bug. I can't provide a vaccine for Covid-19, but I can help prevent some unnecessary itching symptoms that will leave a blue and orange rash on your head.

The art of comprehensive journalism has been lost to basketball clickbait. The everyday, nationwide mainstream Knick bashing is atrociously astronomical. While some of it is warranted, most negativity is attributed to the trends of basketball media. It's effortless to belittle this team, but more importantly, it's incredibly profitable. That's expected when you have the #1 sports market on the planet. Stick with me as I shed light on common misconceptions about our team, expose logical fallacies about our players with facts and statistics, and provide thoughtful analysis on player abilities. I promise that I will do my best to refrain from unwarranted assertions by present evidence to back my claims. Keep it locked right here on the NBK Network, and let's cheer this team on to a .500 season.

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Keep it coming evergreen bro good work


Sour God
Sour God
Dec 08, 2020

Well written EG! I'm here for the future installments of this! 💪🏾🔥👍🏾💯

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